Supreme Court To Review Obamas Citizenship

Classic example of government wasting our tax money …

The Supremes won’t review a case unless at least 4 justices agree to hear it. I doubt that will happen.

During the 2000 election the Supremes understood that they had to make a decision before inauguration day. I think they will quickly reject this case, not only on legal grounds, but also just as a matter of practicality.

Can you imagine what would happen in the US if the Supreme Court purported to disqualify Obama?

There would be rioting in the streets the likes of which this country has never seen. It would make the Watts and 1992 Los Angeles riots seem like a walk in the park.

Oh well, if he is not eligible, then we will just have to take the chance and put the rioters down. I just hope it is resolved before too many secrets are shared. The fact that he would put up a forged document on his website, is a definite red flag!

So…what do you guys think about UFOs?

I’ve seen them with my own eyes. They shot one down and have one at Roswell.

Well of course there are UFOs.

If we knew what they were they would not be UNIDENTIFED.:roll::roll:

All Obama has to do is let his birth certificate be seen by experts and it would all blow over.

How about aliens? Anyone ever been abducted? What was it like?

Do Mexicans do kidnapping?:roll:

I was abducted by a bus full of Hippies once, and they had al kinds of experimenting going on.

Are you complaining or bragging Bob :wink:

Lets talk about the CIA/FBI/Mafia guys on the grassy knoll :shock:


How about the U.S. ever landing on the moon?

Old news, everybody knows that was filmed on a sound stage in Culver City :shock:



I have a question.

Since Bigfoot is known to be an inhabitant of the United States for centuries, if he wanted to run for president, would he need a birth certificate?

Now, lets get back to Obama. I know he is an American because I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy whose mother knows a gal who worked in a top secret government laboratory, who saw Obama being made from several presidents’ DNA and this DNA was injected into the little guy who use to be on T.V called “Webster” after several gamma radiation treatments. So if you ever wondered whatever happened to Webster, he will soon be residing at 600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I know he was born in Hawaii.

There was a singer…famous singer who sang “Tiny Bubbles” named Don Ho…really big in Hawaii. He was a citizen of the USA.

Many of Obama’s detractors insist that his mom was a “ho”.

Accordingly, being the son of Don Ho makes him a citizen.

What more proof do you need?

But then…Don Ho shot down a UFO over Roswell…so we are back where we started.

It was horrible. They made me pay for sex and forced me to perform. Mind you, I was younger than I am now but I obliged. I never thought oral stimulation would be soooo good. I do have good memories of serving my country. God bless the Phillipines and my honeyco’s. I love them no sh!t.:p:p:p

I’ll be damned, I thought Dick Cheney shot down the UFO over Roswell while pheasent hunting. I learn something new every day. Don Ho most have alot pull in our government to get Dick Cheney to take the wrap for him.