Hey Folks,

I’d like to get a Suretest analyzer, but I read a bunch of posts about returns.
Have newer units been more reliable?


Mine just took a dump and I only had it a month…

Mine has worked fine for over 5 years. Many of the returns were regarding a software update that was done for free by the company. I scheduled sending mine in for a couple weeks while I was inspecting the pools at the Bellagio… No issues.

I’ve returned mine three or four times in three years. :frowning:
They always fix/replace it but it’s an inconvenience. If you do purchase a SureTest I recommend getting two so you always have a backup. :roll:

That’s really annoying as I don’t see a good competitive design out there.
Guess I’ll just unscrew a few sockets and do it the hard way…


I’ve never heard anything bad said about the.
Inspector II Electrical Circuit Tester

I’ve had one about 2 years and it no longer works. It was actually used in < 25% of my inspections over that period and I did nothing to damage it. They are junk in my book.

That one doesn’t look like it will test the AFCI function.

I have bought 3 Suretests over the last 10 years, my original ST1 I still carry as back up, I lost one of the smaller non-AFCI testers, my top of the range Suretest as served me well (and without issues) since 2005. I know others have had problems, but frankley I haven’t.


Nor I. I have both models with the AFCI. Use the small ( Model 61-056) most of the time and it is still working (I have had both for years). Keep the other one in a padded tool case for electronic instruments. Perhaps that is why it isn’t broken. I use a long cord for a computer power supply with the large model because the short cord provided is just a pain in the butt and puts undue pressure on the connection on the tester. Plus I do not have to stand on my head to read it with the long cord.

Just for your records, the toll free number for SureTest is 1-800-435-0705, if you EVER have a problem with any tester. Great company to do business with as they will replace a broken or faulty device no ? asked.

Thanks, guys.
Have a prosperous 2010!


I have three of them. I don’t leave home without them. . .

I have issues with the extension cord failing and giving improper readings, had one go dead. About 5 returns in 3 years. Mostly cord issues.

The are good about replacing but I would never buy the style I have now. Unreliable.

I’ve had my Suretest for 3 years and it goes on all of my inspections, and I check every outlet, and never had a problem.:slight_smile:

When my used to work, I didn’t use it to routinely check outlets because of the start-up time delay. It takes 4 times as long to check an outlet with a Suretest as with the standard 3-prong tester. I’d use a cheap 3 prong circuit tester and confirm problems with the Suretest.

I had one last 8 years and 1000’s of outlets tested. Broke last month, and I ordered another.