What's Your Favorite Tester

OK so it is time to add a new tool to my arsenal and I was thinking of a good combo ARC fault/circuit tester. What do you use and find to be a decent product?


SureTest 61-059

I have that one also, starting to loose faith in it, first one had a firmware problem my second just went for a crap

I was looking at the Ideal 61-165 Arc Fault Tester SureTest Circuit Analyzer ? anyone have or used it? I just don’t want to buy something and find out later I should have bought something else…


Hmmm. they have a 100% replacement guarantee…Had mine for a decade at least with no problems…the bigger model with the short cord is another story…those were froth with loose connector problems, weak LCD displays, etc… I still have one of those too but they cost over $300 and found I did not use it nearly as much as I thought I would. Usually only if I see some “hinky” problems do I take it out of the truck to verify my suspicions. I took the crappy short cord and replaced it with a long power cord for a computer (same connector) so I did not have to stand on my head to read some of those out of way receptacles (plant ledges, inside high cabinets, etc.)

I have three of them. I wouldn’t leave home without it. I have sent them back on occassion for various problems, but they always fix or replace them at no cost.