Surgery Update MROE

To give all of you a update that have been asking me about my up coming back surgery. I will be having my major back surgery on the 12th of July. I was really uneasy about taking the Nachi on-line test to renew my membership do to all of the pain meds and such. They all have my head more messed up then it normally is. :roll: I was not happy with my score, but at least I was able to pass it. :smiley: You probably won’t see me on here much before the first of august. :frowning: They are giving me all new longer hard ware. Please keep me in your prayers, the doctor said this will be a 12+ hours surgery.</IMG></IMG></IMG>

Jeez, Mark. Have you tried … well … everything else? Chiropractic? Accupuncture? Reiki? Fasting? [Don’t laugh. I frequently fast, four times a year for seven days. It eliminates all of the toxins you acquire in modern life. And pumps up your immune system.] Read this book by Dr. Fuhrman who cured himself of a serious orthopedic malady by fasting:

Of course you’ll be in our prayers -
I’ll bet your wife will be happy with the new longer hard ware, too?
I know, you were conducting a functional test of 12 oz pressurized containers when taking the test

Seriously, old friend, know that backs do get better after surgery, and my surgeries were in the Jurassic days of '85 & '86. Go into it with faith in the Lord, confidence in your doc, & the support of your NACHI family!

I wish that it would be that simple to do. But with 3 broken vertebra with blown disk, and 1 blown disk above. It does not leave much room. Thanks for the information though. I know some one that I can pass it on to. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess that is pretty good grounds for a spinal fusion procedure. I feel for you. Don’t try to come back too fast. I’ll be thinking of you.

Ok, Surgery set for july 12th. 8 am. I am hoping to be able to get back on the BBS in a couple of weeks if all goes well. Chat with you all soon. Go Nachi :smiley:

Good luck Mark. We will be praying for you.

Thanks Greg, I have faith and I am always looking for more help in peoples prayers to help me through this. I am really looking forward to see and hearing about your new venture. Keep me in mind when you get ready to go with it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update we are all with you all the way .
Will be thinking about you tomorrow .
Your northern Buddy . Roy Cooke

Hope you’ll be fine Mark…naaa…I know you will…!!

Good luck Mark.

Prayers are with you.

Get well soon.


Know you have a whole congregation praying for you.

Also, loose some weight :mrgreen: .

It couldn’t hurt.

Be well.

Listen to the Doc, don’t lift anything over 12 oz, and know you are in Good Hands!

Never doubt the power of positive thinking, as well. Look forward to hearing from you soon on the message board.