Temporarily out of Service it appears.

Recovery time is in order.
Had back surgery yesterday at 11:15 and 2 hours later my wife drove an hour to bring me back home.

Hurt my back at the Ship Yard back 5-6 months ago.
Pinched a nerve in the L-3 L-4 L-5 region.
After numerous Chiropractor and Physical Therapy sessions, had to have surgery for nerve decompression.
One Doctor wanted to fuse the vertebrae in that region, but the main surgeon preferred to do the less invasive method first and see if it works. He said he was pretty confident.
I have be working months with weak muscle pain in the leg and limping and will be glad with any improvements.

I do have to say, thanks to pain pills Oxy something. Had to talk to the hospital last night due to excruciating pain attack.
He said to take two pain pills instead of 1. It brought the pain under tolerable levels.
Three sets of stairs in my house don’t make it too convenient.
My office is on the lower level and my good wife is a good caterer.

Looks like I will be out at least a Month.

So if you see a lot of postings during the day, you will know why. ;):slight_smile:

Take care Marcel.

Sorry to hear that, Marcel. I hope you have a good recovery. You are fortunate to have a good wife helping.

Thanks for the post glad you have the pain under control. All the best … Roy… TTUL

Be careful with the pain meds. They are highly addictive. I had a ruptured disc, L-5 S-1,many years ago with excruciating sciatica. Chiropractic and exercise took care of it. Used aspirin to take the edge off the pain.
Good luck with your recovery.

Get well soon, fill us full of knowledge !

You can’t keep a good man down so I expect you’ll be offering some good posts.

Get well Marcel.

Hope you feel better soon.

I know what your going through Marcel. Take care of it. If it hurts, don’t do it. But keep doing what you can, as much as you can.

What you have got me into the HI business back in 95. But I didn’t have surgery. It’s been months since I’ve had any issues but 3 days ago I was swatting at carpenter bees at the barn and came down with a doozie of a relaps (one day before a power plant job). Took 1/2 of an Oxy pill (can’t take IBU because of kidneys). First day on the job they gave me a piss test!:shock:

Lucky I had the pill bottle in my truck!
Took pics, more pee, and sent it to the lab and gave me a waiver. Got three reactors done by morning with no problem (so long as I didn’t sit down for anything)…
Four days now and ready to climb back up on a horse and get some work done! Till the next time…

Smart not to do fusion. Try your best without it. It only lasts about 5-6 years and it moves on up your back to your neck in many cases.

May swing by and check on you next month if your not back to work.
I know it will be hard to keep you down for too long!

Thanks guys for the comforting words. Just got up from my 2 hour nap.
Thanks to my wife, she keeps in touch with the nurse at the hospital.
They told her, no lifting, twisting bending and compression leg stockings during the day on the calves. Prevents blood clots I guess.

This may be a good time for me to do a few more CE’ to keep the boredom in check, but for right now, rest is in order most of the time.

Thanks again, always nice to stay in touch with friends here. :slight_smile:

All the best Marcel
Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery


Get Well Marcel.

Feel better soon!

What Frank Rotte said. Be careful with the pain pills. Get well Marcel.

Best wishes, I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!

Get well soon Marcel, back pain is no picnic.

Get better fast Marcel.

Back pain is weird in that it can suddenly go away for no reason so here is my hope it just goes away for you.

Hope you have been trying Chiropractors and alternative medicine as well.

Take it easy and get well,this would be a good time to order that lobster dinner

Thanks guys.

The pain medication is under full direction of the Nurse in Portland that just called to check up on me.
My wife is like a helper to the nurse. The time for all medication is all tracked and scheduled.
A 2 hour nap every3 hours is on my schedule also it appears. :):wink:
My left leg muscle seems to be acting a little better, but won’t know until I am off medication.
My son is a Physical Therapist, and coming over tomorrow to change the dressing and check it out.

Thanks all.

Marcel is not one to go down that road…