Surprise found in tree next to house

just a few thousand bee’s. Later said to be around 40,000 according to pest control who came to get them.

It’s that time of year again! Be careful out there.

Time to stock up on hornet spray!

That’s pretty normal for a bee family. I used to have honey bees. Speaking of bees, I was inspected the underside of a porch on Tuesday and go surprised by some angry bees. Got stung twice but not seriously. I had to disclaim the porch as I could not get to it without upsetting the bees. Does anyone carry wasp and bee killer with them on inspections?

I have seen bees, hornets, wasps, ect. I always carry soem sort of wasp and hornet killer with me in my truck. The wasps love to hide and nest inside the outside electrical panel box. Haven’t figured out how they get in there though. As to date, there haven’t been any openings in the panel but they thrive in there. If the nest is close enought to the circuits, I shut the box and walk away and tell my clients that the panel can not be inspected. If the wasps are in firing range of the killer spray, I get them all and drive on. I have been stung too many times to risk another sting just to see electrical connections that are good and ok. At least the electrical code enforcer in this town knows what he is looking at and every new home I’ve looked at since he and the final code enforcer have been hired, my list has been dwindeling down as far as repairs go. Just have to be careful of snakes around homes now, and I carry an axe and hatchet for those boogers. I have killed at least three since last year with the axe. The funny thing is that when I have killed them, my clients always ask what kind of snake it was and my reply will always be the same…a dead one.

Where are you finding the snakes and what do you do with them after they’re dead?
What about little Johnny’s snake that got out by accident you just killed?