Swimming pool bonding question

I understand that all metal parts of the pool are required to be bonded. My question is does the bond wire have to be connected to the pool timer? At my home the timer is in an electronic controller and the controller has a bonding lug on it so I connected it. Last inspection I did had bond wires to the pump, screen and shell but it was not connected to the timer. Should it be?

Here’s the whole NEC section. Take a look at (B)(6).

Thank you for the response. I do not want to appear dense but I am reading that 2 ways. First that the metal on the timer should be connected. and second that it actually applies to the pump motor.

Also under Exception A, it seems to say that the bonding wire should be connected to the equipment ground.

Am I reading it entirely wrong.

I have never seen a pool timer bonded in Port St. Lucie, FL

If the timer is plugged in to a grounded outelt (GFI protected) wouldne the ground in the circuit be sufficient? I’ve seen loads of pools actually bonded to ground, but never an additional line for timer.

Yeah the timer wire should bounded with the poolin the ground because I also never see any separate wire… could you show the photo?

The timer BOX needs to be bonded only if it is metal most out there for the last 8 years have been in plastic boxes. And all of the metal parts need to be connected on the same bonding loop.

also note that in Florida we do not need a bonding grid of 12 x 12 copper in/under the deck. we are allowed by the FBC to use a single solid copper conductor in a “ring” or loop around the pool, no more than 18" from the waters edge and 4" to 6" below sub grade.

If this timer is installed and associated with the pool water circulation system the i believe you know the answer…it needs to be connected to the equipotential bonding system. Lets remember that we are talking about the EBG (equipotential bonding grid) and that has nothing to do with equipment grounding conductors and the like. Let’s remember to keep the two issues separate…