Swimming Pool Pump

I searched google and this site and can’t seem to find an answer. I inspected a house that had an in ground pool and the pump was plugged into a twist lock type outlet. The outlet was supplied by the pool timer which was in the homes basement (about 75 feet away). My question is does this set up need a shut off at the outlet or does the outlet itself act as a means of shut off?

Most timers have a shut off switch

In order for the timer to be used as a disconnect it would need to be within sight of the unit. The plug is the disconnect.

Ok so the plug qualifies as a shutoff?

A picture would help us to determine if it is Ok.

Someone needs a picture of a cord and plug to see if it can be used as a disconnect?

I believe Art. 430 of the NEC requires disconnects to be in sight of the motor.

And would allow the receptacle to be the disconnect.

Not the issue I am fishing for, it is the type of plug and if they used an approved end, wire and box.

And none of this has anything with the question as posed by the OP.

Without seeing a picture it just might.

Maybe an x-ray of the walls would help too to see if the building wiring was properly installed.

The receptacle/cord/plug combination is acceptable as a maintenance disconnecting means required by NEC 680.12. If it’s with the 6’-10’ boundary of the edge of the pool it must be a twist lock type and GFCI protection is also required.

Thanks Robert! I would still like to see the cord and whether it is a factory made plug and the correct wire used.