Irrigation pump

This was obviously an amateur install. It leaks and is not level. The panel is acting as nothing more than a junction box with this set up. There should be a disconnect in there right? Irrigation pump only




That is a pump start relay controlled by the timer. I don’t think I have ever seen a real disconnect for an irrigation pump before, and I don’t know if one is required.

I don’t either. Don’t recall ever seeing an exposed relay quite like that. Most pumps I see at least have a separate switch. The install is bad enough they will most likely have it all corrected anyway. It is functioning though but also loses prime.

I’ve seen several different method used for a disconnect here. Either a GFCI breaker right there at the pump, or a GFCI breaker in the panel cover ing that circuit. When installing a run for it, I usually treated like a pool pump install. I would run a 30 or 40 amp circuit (depending on the size needed of course) out there and put a small small small subpanel there with the GFCI breaker, and another 20 amp circuit for a GFCI receptacle right there (for service techs to plug their stuff into). I personally like to have the disconnecting means RIGHT THERE where the pump is.

No disconnect needed Wayne, interior cover plate or screw that panel cover shut.

Thanks everyone