Receptacle Type?

I’m having trouble figuring out what this type of receptacle is used for. It was located on the outside wall just next to the back porch about 6” above grade. RV was a thought but there was only backyard at this area. I tried internet searches and can’t find the same type. Haven’t ran into this type yet and was hoping one of you would know.

According to the face that’s a NEMA L6-20R, 250 volts 20 amp, the L means locking commonly called a twist lock receptacle.

3-Lug Twist Lock… Common uses… RV… Generator…

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Was there an interlock kit in the panel?

I thought about the interlock too but this is only a 3 wire receptacle with no neutral. Also for a generator there should be an inlet not a receptacle.

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Thank you guys I just wanted to give my client an answer. This helps out greatly! There was not an interlock kit installed in the service panel. Thank you guys for your quick reply’s!

We all know that SHOULD is a very random practice! :wink:

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Yes you’re right anything is possible and HI’s show that every day with some of the stuff that they find.

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Hot tub
… in that order of probability

HA… should

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Small average usage…20 amp.

This is kind of an odd receptacle for a home. How was it wired on the other end, just on a 2 pole, 20 amp circuit breaker?

I have this 20amp outlet on my above ground pool pump

Ah a pool that’s a great guess, :sunglasses:
Could be for a pool, does your pool have a 120 volt or 240 volt pump?