Switch in a new build

After all the crap I pulled out of the vanity drain in a townhouse we are trying to get ready to rent, I think a garbage (hair) disposal might be a good idea. :laughing:


Morning, Edward.
Pay no attention to unwelcome answers. Your question has validity.

In cases like this you can refer your client to ask the vender, or venders agent, for full disclosure.

Lets dig down deeper.
Switches are for operating and disabling a apparatus or device. Was there a spa setup? Sun lamp for light therapy? Did the switch operate the ceiling fan?
Was the bathroom on a dedicated circuit.

Need more information. There’s a lot to unpack. Bathroom Branch Circuits.
**The 210.11(C)(3) rule states, branch circuits are allowable in the bathroom per NEC rules. I think it is 2’ feet from a sink but I have to go looking.
Lets see what others have to say.

I think I know what it’s for, but I need to know if it was a single pole or a 3way switch.

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Probably a hot water recirc pump.


Me thinks they may right.

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Appears to be a on/off switch for an electric motor on BX cable. The switch has an indicator light.
Edward, was the bath tub also a spa with air message therapy? There will be air outlet holes in the tub.

No holes on the tub, not jetted. I believe it was a single pole

It would by my recommendation to ask, the seller/vender or sellers/vender’s agent for disclosure.

Just curious, do you have a picture of the water heater?

? recirc

Spot on. I don’t care what others want to say. It chaps my ass (there I said it) when they push their crap on me and somehow, I’m the bad guy.


It was an instantaneous water heater

Mounted how far from the Master Bathroom?
My guess… other end of the home.

Why would anyone put a switch on that?

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Number one reason… Distance! :point_left: :point_right:

Not the switch but the recirculating control valve. What does the switch have to do with it? The valve doesn’t need electricity .