switch location in bathrooms

article 210.70 states that all habitable rooms must have a light controlled by a switch in bathrooms. does it have to be next to the door, or can i put it next to my gfci outlet above the sink. originally the customer wanted a light that had a turn nob built in, would that count as a switch., it is a small bathroom the light is three feet in across from the door. personally i would put it next to the door. and im also wiring a spa tub in that same bathroom they framed it in, now when running the wires in the framing to i have to use wires rated for damp locations or can i just use regular 12-2 romex to feed it. the motor is 120 volts and has a curent draw o 17 amps

technically speaking the code refers to a wall switch so it would need to be a wall switch. It is my personal opinion that it needs to be a wall switch unless stated otherwise like you see in 210.70(A)(3). As for the hydro-massage bathtub you are speaking of…no it can be simple NM Cable to the receptacle that is GFCI protected and readily accessible mind you.

oh…as for location of the switch, the NEC is silent on that…yes it can be next to the GFCI if you wish.

Hope this helps…

PS… here are some other code areas you should look at while doing this hydro-message project…[680.70, 680.71, 680.72, 680.73 and 680.74]

Welcome to the forum. The switch for controlling the light must be a wall switch but it can be anywhere, even in the garage. :wink: Are you an electrician?