SWR and Florida Code

Quick question, Is SWR required by code? Did a wind mitigation on a re-roof house today new roof installed 2 months ago and No SWR. The home was tenant occupied and the owner is up north. I asked the owner and he said he didn’t know. Just wondering is this required by code? I cant find anywhere online and I don’t believe this is. I know we don’t quote code, but just want to know for my sake.

I though I might ask.:smiley:

You don’t know code but you inspect to it, whether or not you want to admit to that is another story

CODE HAS NOTHING TO DO with wind mitigation FORM.

ONLY SWR allowable is in plain English on form.

It really is that simple NOTHING else counts.

SWR for code is NOT THE SAME as for Wind Mit.

That’s not entirely accurate, and the courts would disagree with you on the forms intent as far as code goes…

Ok just asking, All of the re-roofs 2010 and above have been including SWR, So I guess most good roofers include that is a quote. I didn’t find any info online, so I figured I ask. I wouldn’t see it being code.

SWR is required by code, just doesn’t have to be peel and stick (FBC allows alternatives). The 1802 only allows PnS, directly applied to the sheathing, (and adhesive foam) to qualify for discounts. This contradicts the FBC. They should just throw that section out.


You may already know but they require plenty of proof that the SWR was installed. I typically get a pic from inside if I can see it and the roofing contract along with a photo or two of it going down if possible. Went to a house yesterday where they were in the middle of installation and ended up on the phone with the roofing office and she said the guys onsite are suppose to take pictures. They never did so I was able to go up and get some myself. Just like that the owner could lose her credit because of miscommunication or somebody not doing what they are suppose to.

Shawn what Brad is saying is what I am trying to say if it is not peel and stick on sheathing or spray it does NOT count.

Sorry if I offended you it was not my intent. I just want you to know because roofer or code says swr you cannot most of the time.

No offense taken, Just was curious. When I come across SWR I always take look at the contract from the roofing company and verify what peel n stick they used or make sure that they meet the FBC requirements.

Yea, If there is no SWR I mark it as B. No SWR

Can it be, I agree with Meeker again? Code or not code is irrelevant to me as a HI. I do inquiry about codes with the contractors I work with just for general knowledge.

I am outside the HVHZ and seldom to I see SWR even on new construction. Even on the houses that have had SWR; I typically try get written documentation in addition to my pics to verify.

‘Code or not code is irrelevant to me as a HI’.

That is one of the more profound statement I have heard. Why are you inspecting if code is irrelevant to you. Everything you inspect is based on the code. Every time you write up an improperly installed water heater relief line, you have inspected to the code, you just haven’t stated code in your report. Same thing when you report on GFCI’s. ungrounded outlets, double taps, non marked legends, missing pads under condenser units, damaged attic trusses. The list goes on. Yes, we report on performance deficiencies, but if you don’t know code you should not be inspecting. When someone asks you why you wrote up that relief line that runs upward, what do you tell them. I have been challenged many times to prove why I said something was wrong. Without a citation form the building code I would not be able to do that.

I don’t know of any code where it is required.


At least twice now…Look Out. And I even did a written report the other day :wink:

…you just put a smile on my face…

You guys sure can mangle code interpretation.
The form only applies to a peel and stick, from my understanding, but hey what do I know.
From what your code reads, one type is required, including felt paper, which is considered a SWB.

I think the answer to his question would be NO, bitumen strips are not required on a re-roof.

It’s not “mangling” the code, the code it what it is. It’s the fact that it doesn’t work for your agrument that makes it foreign to you.

Yes that was my question, Brad summed it up for me and now I understand. I don’t quote code, If I do a wind mitigation and the client has it I mark the appropriate box on the form and include the documentation. If I don’t see it on a re-roof then make No. The client ask me “we’ll shouldn’t they have done it” I always have said I am not sure and to call there roofing contractor. I have installed a couple of roof’s when I was attending construction school in my senior year of high school and we used felt underlayment, Which in laymen terms is a secondary water resistance.

So now I have the answer:mrgreen:

True. But the question was if SWR / SWB (same thing) is required by code. The answer is yes. For guys that do understand the code, a little more specific question is needed, like, “Is self-adhered underlayment required by code?” That answer would be no.