Sylvania/gte panel

Was looking at my father’s panel today and besides a multitude of other problems (double taps, triple taps ect.) I believe this to be a problem panel. It was installed in 1979 which would put it in that Era. Bus Bars are not copper but I don’t believe it’s the blade type design. looks like the hook in on a flange on the left hand side and attach with a screw on the other.

The label is very faded, all I could make out was sylvania and gte

Faded label


whole panel

Breaker to bus bar attatchment, picture from top.

Would love some input on this, I’ll get pictures up when I get home.

Pictures added!

From the photo’s the panelboard itself look fine. Those are bolt on style breakers which are typically used in more expensive commercial panels.

How about the aluminum bus bars? Is there any need for worry about those?

Goggle Sylvania gte electric panels.