synthetic underlayment as SWB

I am about to request quotes for replacing roof in Miami but knowing a little information a head of time will help me ask proper questions to the roofing contractor.

  1. Can I have 4" or 6" self-adhering polymer-modifiedbitumen tape applied over the joints between the sheathing AND have Miami-Dade approved self adhesive synthetic underlayment ? Or underneath tape is not recommended or against code ?
  2. Can anyone give 2 or 3 approved and high quality self-adhesive synthetic underlayment (if mentioning the brand names is allowed in the forum).
  3. If I am going for tiled roof, what is the best recommended type/model of tile ? There are so many designs and I believe some of them are better than others.
  4. Whats the recommended or best method to have tiles installed (nailed or foam or glued) ?

Sorry, if my questions are too stupid but I don’t know much about roofs.

Thank you in advance for your valuable time.

First, need to know what area (climate) you are in. There are different techniques in different areas. Might be good to speak with your local building official as they can give you specifics just not specific company’s usually.
Good Luck

Sorry if I missed it in my original post but this in Miami-Dade (Florida).

She is in Miami