T&P Valve Pipe Build-up

Hey Guys-

I usually don’t see this much build-up on the T&P valve extension pipe. Is this an indication of a problem or just the valve doing it’s job? Thanks


It’s an indication of a previous problem (long term leak) in my view. I’d tell the client to ask for full disclosure and evidence of repair by a licensed plumbing contractor or else have it evaluated by a plumber.

The TPRV is a safety device and should not be used unless there is a problem. I would not call that a typical condition

Some things to check if you’re curious.
Private or City water supply?
Back flow preventer installed?
Whats the static water pressure
Was there and expansion tank installed?

Leaking. Was it damp on the inside of the drain line?

The tank was on city water, no evidence of a back flow preventer or expansion tank and I did not check the static water pressure. The pipe and area below were dry, but the house was also vacant so it hasn’t gotten much use lately.

perfect example of why there is a mfr. directive

WARNING: REINSPECTION OF T&P RELIEF VALVE: Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves should be reinspected AT LEAST ONCE EVERY THREE YEARS by a licensed plumbing contractor or authorized inspection agency, to insure that the product has not been affected by corrosive water conditions and to insure that the valve and discharge line have not been altered or tampered with illegally. Certain naturally occurring conditions may corrode the valve or its components over time, rendering the valve inoperative. Such conditions are not detectable unless the valve and its components are physically removed and inspected. Do not attempt to conduct this inspection on your own. Contact your plumbing contractor for a reinspection to assure continuing safety. FAILURE TO REINSPECT THIS VALVE AS DIRECTED COULD RESULT IN UNSAFE TEMPERATURE OR PRESSURE BUILD-UP WHICH CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH AND/OR SEVERE PROPERTY DAMAGE.

If it’s that corroded and no longer leaking, you can bet the corrosion sealed off the valve as well. Corrosion interfering with the valve is bad. Call it out every time you see it.

Replace it simple

Thanks guys.

How do you know it hasn’t already been replaced? See my previous statement, which allows for that possibility.