T1-11 Siding Install Instructions

Can anyone point me to a manufacturer’s or wood association’s written install instructions for T1-11 siding? I’ve searched and can’t seem to find anything but youtube videos. Specifically, I’m looking to see if there should be a gap between the bottom of the paneling and other hard surfaces (such as concrete or wood decking).

Does this help?

No. Need a specific document from a manufacturer

T1-11 is no different than any other siding. It will wick water from the bottom. Some of the newer siding is not near the quality from years ago. Much of it is only 3/8 of an inch thick. Very flimsy. Some is manufactured like OSB. The plywood type, in my opinion, is much better. Sealing/painting depends on the species of material. However it should all be sealed,stained or painted. Mildew can be a problem as well. If the siding extends in to the gable and up, then flashing or some method of sealing the horizontal joint must be used. Some use z flashing, some use a piece of trim between the two, shaped to shed water, some use a trim board over the joint. Most of the issues I see with it is along the bottom edge and along joints at top and bottom of sheets.
I used Fir t1-11 on my house when I built it. Loved it, except for the mildew issue. Could never stop it. Finally covered it with vinyl.

InterNACHI wouldn’t allow uploading the “Engineered Wood Associations” .PDF document, which has diagrams and pictures showing clearances…
due to size limitations, sorry

maybe this?
Engineered Wood Construction Guide
Available from APA Wood Council


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