Takagi tankless water heater age

Does anyone know the serial number date coding for Takagi? This is my first Takagi; all others out here have been Noritz.

Serial number is 1300805.


No idea RR, this is all I got. :smiley:

TAKAGI Industrial Co. USA, Inc.
**[FONT=Arial][size=3]5 Whatney
Irvine, CA 92618
Toll Free: (888) 882-5244 USA
Toll Free: (877) 877-4953 CANADA

From my experience just based on newly remodeled homes I have inspected with brand new units installed. I’ve found it’s likely first two numbers are week of manufacture and second two are year manufactured. But like I said, just an educated guess.

Example: Serial # 23036341

June of 2003

Levi, you realize this thread is almost 8 years old, right? :roll:

House key news is dead.

Can anyone tell me that age of a Takagi water heater 15001539?

Give Takagi a ring, they are right there in CA.