Talk about a "JACK" of all trades!

Saw this at today’s inspection.

I have no idea what the home owner was trying to do. Anyone care to guess?

334 Sheffield 013.jpg

Holding up the sink drain using anything that was handy. The scissor jack fits the bill perfectly. Im just wondering how long it has been like that. Often a temporary fix become permanent, well, because if it ain’t bothering nothing, leave it alone.

Nice to see the trend catching on:D

From looking at your picture, I see they were concerned about the quality of their drinking water. Possibly even experiencing some gastrointestinal problems when the whole time it may have been the nasty water from the dishwasher discharge hose (no high loop or air gap) backing down into the unit making the “clean” dishes unsanitary. I love this job, you see the damnedest things. Anyone else ever noticed the houses with the most cleaning supplies is usually the filtiest?

This guy had to go change a flat.:smiley:


doesn’t every one have a sink jack just in case they get a flat leg, mine even came with gloves:p </IMG>


When I was looking at your pic, I’m thinking “either my monitor is crooked or this guy’s water has to run UPHILL to get to the main drain line.” Nope, I took a level to my monitor and it looks good, must be this guy’s plumbing.:shock:

I figured it out. Guess I had to sleep on it!

The laundry tub drain trap sprung a leak about 6 years ago, so he went to Home Depot got a new trap and some glue and replaced the trap.

He’s just waiting for the glue to dry:mrgreen:


Maybe he moved north from your neck of the woods, ooops desert

That looks like a laundry sink to me. The drain hose may belong to the washing machine.