Tankless water heaters

Tell me the good and the bad. I know the initial cost is part of the bad. But I’m getting ready to replace mine before it has an accident and ruins the floors. The smaller size is really a good factor to me due to the size of my laundry room. I’m most worried about not having enough hot waterr for showers. Family of 4 and 2 are teenagers:roll: . And I’m cheap so I’ll probably stay away from the high end stuff.

I have a Tankless in my house. Do not go cheep you will get what you pay for. Decide on the size you need and then get the next one up. Never ran out of hot water even with 6 people taking showers.

Agreed…do NOT go cheap on Tankless…get one that clearly states capactity and flow at the desired temps…and look to spend $ 800- $1,000 on a GOOD ONE…

I recommend - SETS and Envirotec…which is not Envirotec any longer…but I am too damn lazy to look it up…:slight_smile:

www.setsystems.com I think…we have installed so many of them from other brands as well…my house has a SETS…

I have one and I can run a shower all day, plus the girl downstairs can do laundry, and I still have a hot shower.

Here is some info.

The only bad- you can’t run the dishwasher and washing machine while taking a shower. It’s a common sense kind of thing. These are great items and they are worth the money. IMO.

Wow, Wendy must have a good shower massager!! :wink:


OH…the only other issue on the tankless is water pressure…lol…you can have a unit that will handle many showers or so on…BUT if your water pressure SUX…it is pointless…

Many have a Tankless that does GREAT until they turn on other appliances without a GPM reduction and WHAMO…hot water is pointless if it comes in a trickle…:slight_smile:

Paul, you know they make a device called a pump, that quite easily rectifies low pressure problems. Justa headsup from your Numero Uno Fan.:smiley:

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Anyone give advice on the Paloma models offered at HomeDepot?


I just installed a paloma 7.4 and it does a great job. Also if I remember correctly it is a part of the Rheem family.

My parants have had a condo in Europe for 20 years and that’s all they’ve had in it for 20 years with NO problems!

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OK # 1 Fan…lol…if the pressure tank is doing it’s job it works fine but regardless of a pressure tank…you start a Washing machine and a shower…MOST tankless units will struggle with pressure…how do I know this…HMMMMMMM

well…while I LOVE my tankless…I do happen to have a “Aqua-Pod” jacuzzi pressure tank…but when the washing machine is on…and the shower is going…the drop is still evident and most pressure tanks can’t keep up…thats ALOT of water draw…

Still LOVE me Brian…Yeah you do…because I am simply a LOVEABLE guy…I know this…you know this…the WORLD knows this…:slight_smile:

Oh Paul my plumbing challenged friend, I believe the key part of my preceding post was PUMP, was it not?:slight_smile:

The pressure at the street at my house exceeds 100 PSIG, I have a regulator, we will discuss that later.:slight_smile:

We all love you Paul. In fact if you are nice I will post a picture of my Reddy-Killowatt tie.:smiley:

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lol…AHHH…I can FEEL the love Brian…even if you do like Kerry…thehehehe

Hey my pressure tank has a PUMP on it…lol…so my experience is VALID fella…

BTW fella…I am fine with Plumbing BUSTER…it’s the old Boilers I still do not like to inspect…:slight_smile:

I do not think tankless water heaters are worth it in a residential facility. the money that you save with efficiency you’re going to spend it on the technician to come service it every year

Joseph you just opened a 14 year old time capsule.

good maybe somebody can help me from the past

Ok Marty Mcfly :slightly_smiling_face: