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I have a realtor that wants 1099 from me . Never heard of that…

Did you give any compensation to this realtor???

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No, compensation, such as? i do pre inspections on some of his properties prior to his listing them. they are treated as normal inspections

Thanks David

The real estate salesman appears to be uninformed or does not understand what they are requesting from you. A 1099 is something that one completes for each contractor to whom THEY have paid $600 or more to in a calendar year. THEY send one copy to the contractor, one copy to the IRS to report that contractor’s income, and they retain one copy. Unless you paid $600 or more to a real estate agent, you do not owe any real estate agents a 1099.


Thank you very much James , i have never been asked for a 1099 from a realtor, i kind of thought that was the case, but as i do home prelisting for the this guy occasionally i thought it might be different.

A W-9 on the other hand is a form with your EIN (employer identification number) that you would supply to a client who paid you more than $600.00 (I thought it was 800, but it may have changed) so they can fill out a 1099. It sounds like this may be what he is asking for. I fill one out for a number of property managers I do work for.

Note that an EIN never expires. I found that out recently when a property manager incorrectly checked it as an individual TIN which does expire. Even if you don’t have employees, you should get an EIN and not use your SSN for w-9s.

Here is the IRS page to apply for an EIN.

W-9 downloads are listed in the article about 1099s in James’ post above.

Thank you Robert ! great info.

He needs to issue you a 1099 if he paid you over $600 from his business.


He may need a W-9 from you in order to do that. Most companies I deal with get the W-9 before the transaction. In fact I make it easy for them, I contact accounts payable and email them one. That way there’s no problem with me getting paid.


He definitely would need a W-9. Usually they request that before the first payment is made.

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I had a buyer requested the same from me, i told her i am Incorporate that i don’t needs to give you anything but my Business name, And she can pull it off
Hope this help.

Being incorporated has nothing to do and does not create an exception to providing a W-9 or filing a 10-99

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Yup… :smile:

Just real quick: 1) you would give him a w-9 if he paid you over a certain amount, and HE would give YOU a 1099. 2) if you file as an S-Corp you do not have to give a w-9 (you can if you want, but you don’t have to). That is why you don’t give companies like Home Advisor, your software provider, and others a 1099 - because they are a corporation providing a business service (from a CPA)

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