Tea Party wins big tonight!

You betcha.

We are coming


Freedom in November

Only Bubba would have chosen this photo to represent his party.

Had he stayed awake all the way to the end of the movie, he would have known that William Wallace (depicted in the photo by Mel Gibson) lost his entire army, was captured, disemboweled and then cut into four pieces to be buried in four different locations.

While a similar defeat awaits those who have successfully divided the already minority GOP into two parties…I doubt that it will be as dramatic.

You may be correct about the GOP being divided, but it appears that they will receive support from the flank by the Independents in November.

hahahahahh this is too funny…

Wing Nuts Unite

So you really don’t get the point of the movie then, eh?

Principled people do.

The rest are cowering weenies.

name calling once again. nice. good way to prove your point. the next thing is to call everyone who disagrees with you a racist. the point of the entire movie is, is that although william wallace died, his cause did not. freedom was the plot of the entire movie. you must be a professor of a university somewhere. your common sense has eluded you my friend…completely. it seems to fit that only someone with sooooooo much intelligence is probably the dumbest person to hold a conversation.

So Scotland is now a Free and Sovereign Nation?? :roll:


As bad as things are, we should see a very decisive turnover in control of both Houses like we did in 1994…but I think that the Tea Party is too “far out there” to draw enough people. If power changes hands, it will come in the wee hours of the morning after the election as the tally from the final states trickle in. Not a real mandate.

Still, for President Obama to win in 2012…he needs to run against a Republican Congress.

It’s a fairly common occurrence for the President’s political party to lose ground in the mid-term house elections regardless of which party is seated in the White House. Check it out for yourself.

hey…maybe some of the people posting comments here have never heard the old saying…" it is beter to be thought of a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt". some on this board (and in the real world too) think self opinion is fact…it’s hardly the case. keep the dream alive though. nobody likes a quiter. keep banging your head against the wall and come up with good excuses as to why socialism and/or communism has never worked in any other country. if that doesn’t work you can always blame george bush for the next two or three more years. the general public is starting to wake up and smell the stinch of liberal policies and mostly from the results of such policies. hey, your side does have robert gibbs. isn’t he the smartest person alive? don’t you just love him? the real solution is for liberals to keep talking (that’s really all you guys are good at) and promoting failed policies for the real tea party to get moving. this is only the begining. time will reveal the true victor. ok- sorry if i upset you in any way, but get used to it. the feeling of defeat isn’t gonna go away for a long time…have a nice day!

However many Tea Bag folks make it into the Congress in 1994…they will still be the minority and their so-called “agenda” of returning America to 1776 will do little more than to create the gridlock that brought Clinton to a landslide victory in 1996 even while the wheels were turning to impeach him.

Congress has a tough job when they take on a President for — while it is easy to get opposition to the President’s plans, it is much tougher to get over 200 political zealots to agree on any alternatives…thus, both sides are gridlocked, nothing gets done, and the Congress is left holding the “Tea Bag”.

The President then appeals to the public to replace their congressmen with people interested in solving problems instead of simply blocking progress. Works every time. It’s what took Newt from nobody, to Speaker of the House, to speaker on FOX News.

It used to be said that the tea party was nothing to worry about. Now they are saying that they may loose in 2010, but 2012 will be better. The koolaid never wears off.

"So Scotland is now a Free and Sovereign Nation?? "

With it’s own parliament too! Remember they are the idiots who sent that Lockerbie bomber back to Libya?

It was the good economy engineered by the Republican houses and fueled by a massive tax cut that got Clinton back into the Whitehouse. This President does not have that luxury and won’t in two years either judging by the way he is spending your country and the rest of the world into debter’s prison.

Nope…still a part of the UK. It’s also known as England’s testing ground.


I know Jeff. :wink: :smiley:

William Wallace
Nine years after his barbaric murder, at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, the Scots, led by King Robert the Bruce, defeated the English army of Edward II, and so secured that Independence which had made Wallace a martyr. Later Scotland and England merged into what we call Great Briton.

Keep digging, Bubba. We can still see the top of your head…

Is that in Texas? :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew you had the right idea…I pulled the quote from George.:cool: