tearing out a previously installed interior basement system and ummmm

…installing another inside system ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

Same old incompetent, negligent crap.

Dan O… says/erroneously claims, ‘an interior basement relief system relieves LATERAL PRESSURE’. ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

Jesus man, there is NO way in hlll that the piece of garbage pressure relief system, the plastic JUNK etc, relieves, reduces EXTERIOR pressure, aka WEIGHT, against–a--basement–wall!!!

The only means of relieving, reducing, removing some of the pressure/weight against the wall is on the outside!!!
PLUS, duuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh, there are exterior cracks etc in the dang wall!!!
That’s where the dammmmm water is getting into the hollow blocks!!!

I D I O T S!!!

Let’ see, a tree landed on a roof (duh that would be a little PRESSURE on duh roof).
When duh TWEE landed on duh roof it caused damage to duh roof and allowed water etc to enter.
Would YOU, leave duh TWEE on duh roof and go up in the attic and install some platic crap aka pressure relief system and a sump pump? HUH?

I D I O T S!!!

Now this next guy appears likeable, EH, but i disagree not only with what he is about to do at this place, epoxy inject basement wall cracks, honeycombing etc but also with what he claims the carbon fiber straps and staples will supposedly do for retaining walls

:30 and 3:00… cracks, honeycombing… about 50% of all injections re—leak, LOTS of luck!!!

3:50 retaining walls… cracks etc.

5:25 and 6:15 going to glue on carbon fiber straps and staples.
Says… ‘staples…to keep from moving’.
And says, 'Once we’re done…we’ll make sure it CAN’T move again.

Huh? lolol
Really? Ya think carbon fiber straps and staples will make sure the walls will never move again? Wowzers! Pretty ballsy, LOTS of luck wiff dat!
Do you put that in WRITING??? lol

Have never 'n will never tell anyone their wall won’t move again. nope.
All you can try and do is remove/relieve/reduce x-amount of the pressure/weight and umm duhhhhhhh, carbon straps do NOT do that, eh.