Technical term for the pot filler?

what do you call the faucet that fills the pots from over the stove? Never had to call one of these out. It’s too high.


Pot Filler


pot filler faucet :cool:

show off. :smiley:

It just came to me…:shock::D:mrgreen:

Imagine that…hahahahahahahahaha :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Just curious, why do you say it is too high?


Pot filler faucet or “kettle faucet”. The height is fine.

Probably some local “Pot Height Code” that we are not aware of. :smiley:

Here, with a small pot, you just lift it up under the faucet, and with a very large pot, well…:wink:

There is no actual ‘standard’ for wall mounted “pot filler faucets” installation height. Most manufacturers just make a cursory statement to install above the tallest intended pot height.

I would say something like, “it’s height above the cooktop is considered to be unconventional and suggest that the client view it for themselves regarding acceptability.”

Kohler K-73224S Hi Rise Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

The only time I found one of those, on the other side of the wall was a refrigerator and in the refrigerator was a pony keg of beer. The Seller, a wannabe gourmet chef and professional armchair quarterback, needed his beer while he was in the kitchen cooking for all the weekend sports parties that he hosted.

Nothing like convenience - LOL.

A thinking man!!

Has there ever been any question or note made to the client about the risk of water damage from the pot filler?
There is no sink associated with them and therefore no drain to carry the water away. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

I see them in high end homes usually over a commercial style gas range.

They have a specific use to fill large pots on the stove to avoid having to carry them full of water twice.

There is no requirement for a sink under a faucet.

Ditto. If I was paying $2,000,000 for a home that had a $8,000 Viking range, I’d want one of those fancy things.

That is the primary reason why all pot filler faucets have **two **valves. It cannot be turned on by accident.