Faucet over Stovetop

Anyone seen this before? Hot water installed over the stovetop.

Pot filler.

No problem

They are becoming more popular all the time. To me it is a safety feature. No more lifting the heavy soup pot full of water.

Does the full soup pot stay there forever? :wink:

I suppose You could eat Your way to the bottom of the soup pot …

No soup for you!!!

You make the soup and then ladle it into smaller containers. Have you never made soup before??

Oh get over yourself.

It was a joke.:mrgreen:

In the upscale homes here, yes, that’s hot water. Out in hillbilly country, that is hooked up to a 10-gallon keg in a refrigerator on the other side of the wall.

Typical for most Kitchens in the South Philly, PA area…
See these all the time…
actually …
Unusual if Absent…

Anybody else notice the spout is turned upside down ?

You have never seen one, right bob?

it’s has swivel joint.

Hot water? I was taught to never use hot water for cooking because it tastes bad.

Who fills a soup pot with hot water?

Apparently whoever lives in the house the OPs pic was taken

Dollars to donuts it’s not hot water.

A safety warning about mixing water and hot grease (grease fires) seems in order.

I seem them in upscale houses.

A great invention if you ask me.

It is hot water. The water only trickles out though so the owner said they don’t use it. Owner indicated it was a DIY project.