Sink Spout Above Electric Stove Top

Found this yesterday.
Electric stove top. Energized by a 220V Greenfield cable underneath with exposed wiring.

The kicker is there’s a sink water spout coming out of the wall directly above the stove. Perhaps for some wok cooking or something? It’s sure not for a sink that is not present.
At least is was both hot & cold… I used a container to check it out.

Opinion if you think this is a hazard issue or not. :shock:




it’s a pot filler…I wouldn’t want one but they are not that uncommon in high end kitchens…the wiring on the other hand needs repair…

Nothing wrong with a pot filler.

Better than carrying 5 gallons of water to the stove.

THANKS guys.
Seen 'em on gas stoves, not electric.

That stove top is designed to be hardwired not cord and plug connected and would then likely require a disconnecting means.

I agree about the hardwiring for the cook top or stove.

The plug connection is all wrong. Not allowed to be like that.