The Realtor did not understand what was wrong?

Maybe jack the pressure reducing valve up a notch and twist the faucet head to the side?..](*,)


It looks like one of those faucets that you can pull out and use as a handheld. That’s probably why they put that type in, so they can rinse the other sink out.

You Sir ARE A GENIUS. :smiley: :smiley: :roll:

It is one of those things that as soon as someone moves in and realizes what is going on, they call the lame *** HI and start whinning.:wink:

Maybe “Further Evaluation”…](*,) is in order?..:-({|=


Recomiendo a idiota que instaló esta reparación él correctamente.

Yes indeed! It is a hand spray for the prep sink.
Two position-full flood or full spray.
Make sure that the weight is present so that it will retract properly.
Twice in new construction (out of five) they were not added.
The joint is about 3" from the base of the arm.

I have one almost exactly like that, except the spray nozzle is different… The other thing is the spray is on the right and faucet to the left… which is where it should be. So you can run water on both sides of the sink. The pressure, that’s another issue. What do I win? :slight_smile:

Justy pull the spray head out and it will reach just fine:)

Maybe they just wanted to keep the sink divider clean.

I was looking through some websites and I think that they probably have the wrong faucet installed as the base of this one would extend inappropriately over the basin on this type of sink. They must have placed it in the incorrect hole because of this rather than purchasing an appropriate faucet.

See the sink on the right:

And that suprised you???

Another hmmm.
When I reported a leak from a second story shower, in a tub/shower, the realtor and the seller both assured me that no one uses the the second story shower, and that anyone wanting a shower would use the stall shower on the ground floor. I was dumfounded.

Good Lord! No one uses the second story shower? In THEIR family! They don’t think maybe the buyer might want the OPTION of using the second shower?


I just talked to someone who used the inspector that the REALTOR recommended.

They ended up buying a house with no ventilation, only into the attic, drenched insulation, black mold throughout the house, false drop down ceiling to hide moisture issues, slumping house in the corner, water everywhere, water stains painted over above all the windows upstairs, new carpet laid OVER the trim and when lifted (easy because not tacked down) found mold and sopping wet subflooring…it goes on and on.

The inspector that was referred by the realtor?

Used a checklist along the lines of A NA R ? and then Roof with a checkmark in the appropriate box. There was NO information included along with the report. Nothing stating what room or system was being discussed, no mention of moisture, mold, lack of GFCI’s, failing roof, no gutters downspouts, etc…etc…

These people have three little girls and they are ALL sick! They just moved in two weeks ago, and they have to stay in a hotel now. Grrrrrrrrrrr…

What’s wrong ???

Well for starters you need a napkin under that cup…:roll:


Hey wendy isn’t it true that the inspector that did the inspection and the realtor will both be held responsbile!!! or at least liable.


I heard that somehow they shift the responsibility onto the inspector. Not sure if that’s true here or not. I sure hope these people get some justice. The youngest daughter and the dad are sleeping in a hotel tonight. :frowning:

It’s also possible the soap dispenser can be relocated to the right hand hole in the sink, and the faucet moved to the left;-) </IMG>

John figured it out. I have almost the exact same faucet with a sink with a fourth hole in the flange. Its for soap dispensers or other items, as in our case a water filter spout. They got their “holes” mixed up and that is never a good thing.:wink:

What about the base portion though? The long portion down at the bottom. It looks like it would overlap if it was moved to the otherside. That’s what confused me.

This looks to be the same type I installed a little while ago. There are only two holes for the sink…one for the single lever faucet and the other hole for a sprayer or soap dispenser or even a hot water dispenser. However if this is the case they have an incorrect faucet. The faucet I had installed did not have an elongated base plate. It has a round base. The faucet was also where the soap dispenser is. were you able to underneath the cabinet to see how many holes there were?