Telescoping ladder

Would somebody Know a good place to buy a Werner telescoping ladder online in Canada. Already try Home Depot, Costco, They dont have it in their store in Canada. Thank


We have the ladders here in Barrie, at the Home Depot stores

You might havr to come south a bit, maybe Sudbury, to get to a Home Depot that carries them. How cold is it in Smooth Rock Falls?
By the way, when you get it watch your fingers. You will get pinched, it is just a matter of time and severity of injury, you will grt pinched.

Thank you for the info I will try to get one at the home depot in Sudbury


I have had several folks tell me they have fallen off that thing, or that it collapsed while they were going up!:twisted:

I use the Little Giant got it on line from Placed the order and it was in my driveway in 6 days.

Works great :mrgreen:



Doug, thanks for the info. You really got me thinking as there is no substitute for safety. I will seriously consider the Little Giant.


Many of the best inspectors I know use the little Giant .
My son has used his for about 15 years and I for 6 love feel it is the best.
I just got one for a friend at the NACHI Convention.
17 foot does all my inspections. Inside and out.
Roy sr.

Ideal for the average 1 1/2 storey home

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