Telescopic ladder at Costco

Hello Canadian home inspectors, I got this 13.5’ (16’ reach) telescopic ladder today at Costco for $199.99. I would appreciate reviews from past users and seasoned inspectors, your views are important in shortening my learning curve. That’s why I love this forum.

Thank you very much to all who replied! Have a good day folks!

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What’s your point?

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A Chinese made knock-off imported by Cosco then sold by Costco as a professional ladder that you’re going to climb every day for who knows how long?

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Just the fact that a young child could lift it, is cause for concern. Seriously, return this and get an Xtend and climb.

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Norman buy what ever kind of equipment you feel is a fit for your business. Haters are gonna hate that’s what this form is like sometimes.


I have the Xtend brand of collapsible ladder. Works great if you always have something to lean it against. I hardly ever use this ladder. I prefer and carry my Little Giant a-frame/extension ladder in the back of my Avalanche, which fits my style of inspection and properties that I typically inspect. As has already been said, use what works best for you.

Welcome back to our forum, Les!..Enjoy! :smile:

Be careful!! I had one for 10 years then the rubber feet cracks. Bought a couple, said non-slip feet, not true. Hard plastic slides on any hard surface. I ended up paying about $450.00 Canadian with neoprene pivoting feet. Love it and now feel safe.

I use my telescoping ladder every day.

But I would NOT buy that one.

The Xtend and Climb locks ar each rung. So even if godforbid, a rung unlocks or the mechanism breaks, you have the rest of the ladder supporting you.

That one has a single release mechanism meaning there is only 1 support for the whole ladder. If it fails, the whole thing fails.


Buy the best equipment for you to use. You only get one life! :flushed:

As a professional, you’re going to use that ladder multiple times every day. Don’t by consumer grade stuff that’s meant to be used once or twice a year.

I didn’t feel safe on the one I bought as it would slide on the gutters if it wasn’t just right. I had difficulty collapsing it, too. I love my alluminum extension ladder and secure it with a simple clamp to the gutter for added stability when I climb on and off of it from the roof.

I hope that they come to our Costcos here I New Jersey.

I couldn’t find a Costco review, but Home Depot carries it, and has a review section.
Even though it has decent reviews, I do not see it as a professional tool suited for daily transport and abuse. Not, at least, for my precious body.

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