Save 30% today

I just got this email. Zoro tools is having a sale. I bought my little Giant ladder here for the best price I could find. Now it’s 30% off for a limited time. Just passing it on. All the information you need is in the picture.

Well, that just sux.

I was gonna buy the Little Giant 22 foot a couple weeks ago, was on Amazon for $197. Wife says wait till after Christmas. So I got a Werner knock off from her mom for Christmas. Nice ladder, most of the same features but weighs about 60 pounds or so (feels like 100).

Little Giant is 38 pounds.

Can you return the Werner? :wink:

The Werner is a type 1A rated at 300 lbs.

The little giant is a type 1 rated at 250 so of course it is lighter.

Apples and oranges gentlemen.

My little giant is 15 years old My sons is 24 years old still both working well .Never been sorry glad we have the light weight .we both do weigh aboutr 200 lbs

Your post has nothing to do with what I stated. :roll:

I use a COSCO Worlds Greatist Ladder. Type 1A. $100

As good as the day I brought it home 9 years ago.

I can understand that .
Seeing how many inspections you do it must still be almost brand new.

Looking for a fight again ROY?

Does it ever end with you?

I owned a Cosco and it lasted 10 years until it was stolen from an inspection site this past fall. I purchased another one and I believed it cost me about $150. An excellent ladder for the price!!

Not me you are the one who constantly attacks me and my posts .

You are completely pathetic and probably senile.

You start crap and I will finish it.

I do not feel sorry for an old fart who sticks his nose in where it is not needed.

Seeing all the posts you make Michael , I expect you have been retired much longer then My three years .

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I think the one i saw the infomercial on is also 1A, but not sure.

I only weigh about 200, so the type 1 should work fine. I don’t think I’ll get much fatter, I’ve weighed 200 for about 25 years or so.

Maybe so, Frank, but I think that Little Giant is back up to like $349 or so.

I’ll just make my assistant carry that Werner around for me! :mrgreen:

Good call.

I like the little giant but have always been concerned about the bottom kicking out on me. I really wish they would come up with a foot like on a conventional ladder. That way you could swivel it and dig in the teeth.
Anyone know of an aftermarket product that may do this??

You guys crack me up.

Hard to tell sometimes if they are serious or kidding!!

Poo missed it. I too got the werner… Who knew 62 lbs was so heavy,

I am considering a folding ladder, at this time I have a 28’ on my truck.

The Cosco ladder is a folding ladder vs the telescopic ladder. I have never owned either.

I like the telescope but it only goes to 15", the Cosco goes to 22" and weighs only 29 lbs.

Can anyone recommend one over the other? 15’ seems short to me. 22’ sounds good but I’m not sure if I would like a folding ladder.