$80 telescoping ladder


Of course, if you really want that specific ladder,Amazon has itfor about $55.00.

I’ve never heard of them, but maybe someone else has.


LOL the ladder of death.

Would be really awesome if it turns out to be a good ladder. I’ll be able to go to my inspections with my bicycle! :lol:

I’ve been using this type of latter for 10+ years. I’m extremely happy with it and have never had cause to regret my purchase.

You’d be surprised how small a “package” that folds down into.:smiley:

Good luck!:smiley:


Do you know the brand of your telescopic ladder? There are so many mixed reviews on them (amazon). Any input is helpful, I would like to use one but I am a more traditional ladder kind of guy.

This thing is not designed to climb three-story buildings! But it comes in great benefit to get into places like scuttle hatches and where a stepladder is not appropriate.

I would be hesitant to go above three rungs on a $50 extension ladder however… China’s way of controlling our population!

It is a “x-tend and climb” model 870.

Sorry to say that it has been over 10 years since I purchased it and I have forgotten where I bought it.

After falling off a ladder last August and breaking my arm and shattering my elbow, a ladder is the last thing I would buy on the cheap.

The X-tend and Climb brand certainly seems to be a superior product given the reviews. However, it’s no $55 or even $80 ladder. You’re looking at at least 3x-4x that price.

I have one of those cheapo ladders. I dont trust it and it i pinch my thumb/ hand closing it when I use it which is only when my step ladder is soaked from being in the back of my truck bed. the extender one sits behind by seat in the cab. It probably comes out 3 times a year