Telescoping (screw) tpye steel posts

Do you guys call these out when you see them in homes?

Typically I will state something like, the posts are not designed for permanent use unless labeled by the manufacturer, recommend replacing with permanent type posts such as steel lally columns. Though I have seen older houses that have had them there for 20 years.

I do and my comments are similar to yours.

Yes, I always call out temporary (screw-type) support posts and recommend cement-filled lally columns.

Hi Michael,

Good info. thanks.

Found this is a $1M foreclosure in the garage under the house - since the 3 2x6s weren’t holding up the house, they added a jack post to help - neither the top nor the bottom plate were atttached - both were suseptable to being hit by a car - but then again, what can expect for only $1M?

That’s right… a cool million hardly buys anything these days!!