Temporary service on a newer build.

Whom is responsible for removing the temporary service? Builder, public utility? Seems like a safety issue if a kid or anyone opened the panel enclosure and the supports are only temporary.


Home is 4 years old and all neighboring houses have underground services.

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Never seen* temporary service* with a meter before.

Responsibility is with the Payer of the metered use of this installation.

Why do you think it is dangerous?

Is it any more dangerous than when it was being used to build the house?

Approved installation.
if still energized, someone is paying the bill.

When the bill is no longer being paid, it is the responsibility of the Utilty to then check / evaluate / and discontinue service to the specific location.

I just wanted to ask whom needs to take it down. Supports could collapse over time as we have had a lot of wet weather. Top cover above meter looks like it is not secured very well. Newer development with kids that could be playing around the service. It is no longer needed. House is 4 years old. Has meter at side of home.

I think it could be a safety issue if temporary service is left there for an extended period.

I was not sure whom should remove it, thus why I posted.

Pic is of the underground lateral at side of building.

So lets leave it up so the landscapers or kids can knock it down!!

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Around here you would call the utility company to come and disconnect it and to also remove their metering equipment. Then anyone could dismantle it and throw it away. We typically save them to be used on another job if they’re in good condition.

I was a builder and it was my responsibility to have permanent service hooked up to the home. It was required to get a occupancy license for the home. However, I don’t think who is responsible is relevant to a home inspection.

I would report that the electrical service is provided by an apparent temporary meter and material. Consult the utility company and a licensed electrician regarding permanent service to the home. I might also recommend that they check with the city to be sure that an occupancy license was issued for the home. Shouldn’t take more than a phone call to verify that. Obv that is above std of practice though.

If I thought there was a safety issue, then I would report whatever I see.