Termite found in upstairs bathroom, or possibly some other insects

Found dirt like tubes in a basement home upstairs bathroom.
Is this termites? No insect present. How would you call this out?

John that’s Subterranean Termite mud tubes.
They appear dried out denoting no current activity.
However, there’s hidden areas that may have a party going on.
ps>> How old is the home.

MG> State Lic Termite/Lawn & Ornamental/Pest Control Operator #2446 :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you for your response. I felt it was termites, wanted to make sure before I called it out.
The home is around 17 years old. What would you recommend to client?

Evidence of Subterranean Termites observed.
Recommend a licensed pest control operator’s evaluation for scope of treatment/costs if not currently under a warranty.


Thank you! I truly appreciate it. May you have an awesome day!

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Here in NM there is pest inspection licensing, so it is recommended that only someone licensed should make a determination. You might consider referring it out, depending on your state, as possible WDO.

Good catch!

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John - How you “call it out” may be influenced by state licensing. Here in NY the home inspector CAN NOT specify EITHER the TYPE of insect or the TREATMENT unless the NY State Licensed Home Inspector also holds a NY State DEC WDI (Wood Destructive Insect) License. Only the DEC Licensee can IDENTIFY insect type and specify treatment. The Home Inspector can only indicate “No indication of ACTIVE Insects at the time of inspection” or “Observed indications of PAST insect activity” or “Observed indications of insect treatment”. Then - advise consultation with a NY State DEC Licensed WDI specialist. This information I got from a copy of a communication that Mr. Gromicko had with the NY State DEC several years ago requesting a clarification on their interpretation of the law compared to the InterNACHI position on WDI. The specific wording I indicated was “worked out with my legal advisor”. This is also how I advise my student inspectors. CHECK FOR THE SPECIFICS IN YOUR AREA OF OPERATION - BE IT STATE, COUNTY, PARISH, MUNICIPAL. There are sometimes surprising differences.