Termite Inspection Certification

I recently became a NYS certified and licensed Home Inspector and wish to expand by certification and services. Termite Inspection is the first thing I wish to do. I know that you do not need a license to do so, but I have heard that for me to issue the proper forms that can be used for the mortgage company, you do need to be certified.
The question is… I have purchased this course from AHIT and it comes from Purdue University. It was suggested that this course is not NYS approved for Termite inspection certification. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumer as they suggested that I should have investigated on this first and will not give me my money back in full.
Secondly…once the course is completed, where does one go to take the “test” needed to get the license number?
I have found it very difficult to find out any info on web and contacting the DEC takes me no where???

Thanks all

Start here
Department of Environmental Conservation

good luck on your new venture if you need any help with anything you can email me any time. I am a westchester home inpsector but aslo perform home inspections in ct. BH stangal in suffern ny is the place to go his instuctors workd with the dec and he is a industry leader Phone: (845) 357-7734

barry is his name I also think he is going to teach some nation wide calsses for you other guys as well

Phone: (845) 357-7734 barry bh stangal is the best he is in suffern ny and an insdustry leader in the business. good luck on your new adventure if you have an question or need help with anything you can email me or call aciopp@newyorkhi.com

Hi Mitchell-
I don’t believe that NYS requires licensing to perform Termite Inspections. I know they require a license to be an applicator. Here is the state info.

Division of Materials Management
Bureau of Pest Management
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-7254

So how did this play out? I am curious because I have heard the same and if specific lenders require a specific form that can only be used by certified pest technicians I am curious how HI’s know when this is the case?

You need to get a 7c technician from DEC. This will give you the license #
I am in Queens NY if you have any ?646-872-6198
btw barry is suppose to be one of the best