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Hello everyone,

Question. I have done extensive research on termite inspections and would seriously like to add this to my services. In addition, I have a B.A. Biology degree from a university. I feel very confident about my knowledge of termite inspections in general. In my state, NY, no license or certification is necessary to perform termite inspections only. I already have the insurance in place for liability.

However, are there any issues with government loans and their requirements for my education (certain forms to be completed by a certified termite inspector only)? Also, where can I locate online a form that I may use? I know the liability is high, but this is a big part of the industry I don't want to miss out on. Up until now I have been sub-contracting termite inspections to other termite companies amounting to a lot of capital they received. Do I really need to go ahead and get fully licensed just for the sake of completing it ? Is it worth it? Please let me know what you all think.

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Get your license as a PCO and remove all Doubt or Question of Ability.

If you have the Education, CEU and Background in WDI Inspection, it is worth maintaining a PCO License.

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Dana, in NYS you must have certification from DEC, you have to take a 30 hr course and pass the DEC test before you can use and fill out form npma-33,

the fine is $5,000 per occurrence if you do the inspection without it.

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