Termite Inspection

What are the pros and cons of getting my termite inspection license? If I do a termite inspection and find evidence, who then pays for the treatment??? Buyer or Seller? Who normally pays for the inspection buyer or seller?

Thanks for any insight!

I have a termite license and provide termite inspections. I have never given any consideration to the questions that you pose in your post.

After inspecting the home for evidence of wood destroying insect damage and/or presence, I provide my report on an NPMA 33 to the person who contracted me (and who also paid me in advance) to provide the inspection. My clients have been lenders, buyers and sellers.

What is done with this information and who it is done by is of no interest to me, at all.


  1. WDI inspections, as a stand alone service will generate additional funds … $40 to $80 … depending on your fee
  2. You may get a home inspection job because you can provide that particular service
  3. You don’t need to sub it out
  4. Once in the door, you can always up-sell other services


  1. Not much $$$$
  2. Dark and creepy spaces
  3. Liability exposure

The treatment is paid by whomever. It should not matter to you. Your job is to look for evidence of WDI.
Most of the time (in a real estate transaction) the buyer will hire and pay you to inspect for WDI. There are other senerio’s whereas you may be hired and paid by banks, mortgage company, insurance company, landlord, etc…

IMO: Add it to your portfolio, it’s always better to have it.

If you don’t do the WDO insp you are passing up easy money.

Who gives a **** about who pays for treatment?

Buyer ALWAYS pays for insp.

You are obviously new, so find someone to mentor you on WDO inspections while you are getting your license.

WOW! I just did 2 stand alones for VA loans in the past week for $175 each.

Good for you! Now you are feeling the benefits of offering all kinds of extra services.

Take a hard look in the mirror.

What other value-added services are you not offering?

Those should already be areas you are in while doing your home inspection… :wink:

Ya Think???