Termite Photos

I posted these under the Pathetic Termite Inspector post, but thought I should re-post so more people would find them. Happy Thanksgiving!!



What’s left of the constuction debris under an infested house.

When you see termite cakes, you know the infestation is pretty major.

Thanks for the high res. pics, Tab.

I’d hate to have this Termite mound next to my house. You’d have some pretty serious damage to your home.

These were found in a home (crawl space) last week. Home approximately 35 years. Block foundation. No termite barriers installed.

Home had been under contract for many years. Recent inspection (NPMA-33) showed the property to be without visible indication of termite.

So what you are saying is you do ride alongs and bring your friends with you??? :cool: :cool: :cool:

I have had Homeowners suggest that the termites came with me.

“We did not have termites until you came along”.

“We did not have ________ until you came along.” This is a generic statement, for home owners. Just fill in the blank. Termites, coliform, radon, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, etc. It’s always the inspectors fault.