Termites under attic ductwork

When you’re in the attic and the flexible ductwork is laying on the insulation and joists, you might want to lift and look under the ductwork. I found termite mud tubes. Although the source was subterranean, once these critters entered the attic they used the ductwork to move to other parts of the home. The WDO exterminator explained to me that the termites were attracted to the condensation produced by the HVAC ducts. I know reporting WDOs are generally not part of the SOP, but if we visually observe them, we have a responsibility to report our observations to our client and refer to a qualified professional for treatment. Any one else see this?

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Very good point, Scott.

I found termites, mud daubers, carpenter ants, in various places that one looks at as they gain experience.

Thanks for sharing that for everyone’s benefit! :smile:

Nice catch!
I don’t think a normal home inspector will lift/move ductwork. Ya never know what potential damage, even if minor can happen.
I will do so, being I am the home inspector & termite inspector at the same time. :cowboy_hat_face:

ps>> termites have been very good to me ha ha

I have seen them in attics before, and I just about fell through those weakened ceiling joists. I always report that possible evidence of wood destroying insects were visible and a licensed pest control company should evaluate and make necessary treatments and repairs.

My WDO reports usual limitations (on the home inspection report also)
Areas not inspected:

  1. closets-cabinets-garage 2) limited partial interior 3) limited partial attic

1)packed-heavy storage 2) furniture on most perimeters
3) insulation, ductwork, low construction design, peripheral areas too low

here’s a second page