Terrible BC inspectors on Global tv News

Please watch how bad the BC inspectors including the NACHI.

Excellent advertisement for NACHI.

I wonder have they removed it I can not get it to open now .
Roy Cooke
Go to more video at under the listing this brings up about 8 and pick the one you want .

In the newscasters first few sentences, replace the words “home inspector” with “journalist” and see if it isn’t just as fitting.

There have been many of these hit pieces done at us in the US.

I understand that tonights newscast will show a film of an inspector performing an inspection who is really bad, and has been sued a few times? Gee, I wonder why they picked this guy to film with a hidden camera. You suppose they’ll state why and how they picked him, or will they just conveniently forget to mention that???

Political matter!
BC still young in home inspection industry ,not like in USA has long history in home inspection business.
Most of the training material or standard of practices were copied from USA.
Do you agree? So how the Canadian manage a new set of standards?
No standard for any Home Inspector, and will have no subject for the court judgment , all inspector will be liable only on the contract or agreement that is signed.
Many cases are not justified or how to perform the inspection yet " in BC"

Only the home inspection association can help the most home inspectors now in BC, without those inspection associations,and the consumer is going to be worst.

I find it interesting that the inspectors referred by the realtor are incompetent. Also the attorney general a past realtor does not have any interest in doing anything about it.
As was stated on another thread the realtor wants a half hour inspection and a drive by is even better. :roll:

Equally as interesting is that BC has no requirements to be a home inspector, yet they decide to pick on NACHI, who has requirements.

I think the other association is running scared hence the attacks on NACHI.

Maybe the other association set it all up? :-k


Exactly that is how the other associations always work .
For once you and I agree the other association has a few directors and members who do not follow their own rules .
This is so unfortunate that it happens .
It is you and I and all home inspectors who wish to get along and communicate with each other .
Just maybe some day there will be a big change of Directors and the new Directors will see like you and I do that it would be better for all to follow their own rules and the Canadian Government rules for NON Profit associations.
From what I have heard this could be comming sooner then many realize.
Norm we can only hope it comes to pass.
Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

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That other ***–iation demands that unqualified and untrained people complete 250 paid inspections before they can become certified members.
That is not protecting the public. In fact it has the opposite result.
To make it simple they are demanding that 250 unsuspecting members of the public hire untrained and inexperienced inspectors. No wonder the news media goes off half cocked. To bad they do not investigate before they publish one sided BS.
If someone chooses to lie about their qualifications by doing a test with someone telling them the answers and then claiming that they are qualified, the fact that they cheated on the test is not the fault of the tester but the lying and cheating of the testee. The jails are full of these type of people.

But doesn’t the association have a duty of care to set up their system of verification in such a way that news reporters can’t become Certified Home Inspectors? Or here’s a better question: Name one other instance when a news reporter managed to become a Certified (full member, Registered or whatever) Home Inspector with any other professional home inspection association? To my knowledge, that has never happened…because all other asosciations put in place checks and balances to ensure it can’t.

I think that’s why they were picking on NACHI. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last.


I caught the show, this echoed an item earlier in the year. Its a shame Nachi came up in regard to the journalist “Cheating” the on-line exam.
If rougue Inspectors want to go out there with no training it seems a bit unfair to pick on an association that on the whole promotes professionalism and ongoing education.
The Organisation highlighted BCIPI, who are pushing along with CAPHI(BC) for legislation in BC, however it now appears the Ministry is looking to formulate its own program.
Also the Journalist made reference to Inspectors being taught building code legislation, which itself is misleading information for the general public to digest.
On the whole the only pertinant information was perhaps the confict of interests that exists with realtors “recommending” their particular Home Inspector to clients.

We all carry the responsibility to police our own and fellow members activities. If we find someone that has misrepresented themselves then we must take the appropriate action. Unfortunately in jurisdictions that do not have any laws governing Home Inspection standards that action is restricted to training or removing the unqualified from our membership.
Only last summer the present provincial government found out that the lawyer they used over the past several years for advice and guidance on parliamentary procedure turned out not to be a lawyer at all.
That reporter also misrepresented the facts because she did not include the other requirements for certification. COE test, Procedures test. etc.

Maybe NACHI should move to proctored exams.

Well put Paul, and by the way I’m a Clash fan too.

NACHI, which requires 4 courses, over 30 quizzes, 4 exams, and 4 mock inspections within the first 60 days of membership plus annual testing and 24 hours of continuing education per year, soon to increase to 30 hours per year, can only determine competence. But just as one can have a valid driver’s license and drive drunk, so can a competent inspector fail to do things correctly, unintentionally or intentionally, and there is not much that a private trade association, or anyone else for that matter, can do about it. There is however a strong correlation between good inspectors and the fees they charge. Our advice to consumers is to remind them that in general, they will get what they pay for.

A home inspector can take all the courses out there and pass all the exams in the world and agree to abide by the toughest COE and SOP… and still skimp on the job and not inspect the attic. Being able to do something doesn’t mean you will.