Testing for Mold

Hello Everyone,

Well, after 17 years of being a home inspector, I’ve finally decided to look deeper into this Mold Testing Service. I know it’s truly a major wave of the future, and I think it’s time I started looking more seriously at it.

The thing is, I’ve also done very little research on where to get the best training, what labs would be the best to work with, and just anything you guys can offer me help with. I appreciate all the guidance you can offer!:smiley:

Thanks again,

Ed DeRousse

Just start out with basic home inspector mold education. NACHI has some fee video course at NACHI.tv . The lab depends on if you are just going to perform just preliminary testing, which about any lab will do. If you ever need help reading a lab report or anything else dealing with mold, please feel free to email me at jbraun@mo.nachi.org

Thanks James, I appreciate that!