Texas inspection report NCR checklist

Looking for a report checklist that complies with Texas standards and includes check boxes for defects, styles and materials if possible. A three or four part NCR type handwritten report.

I want to use this for my apprentice to complete his 25 inspections before I break him in on HomeGauge.

Any recommendations?

Just print out the **REI 7A-0 **from TREC


…well it’s not 3 or 4 part…

John, here’s the TREC compliant form, with defect checkboxes, that was developed at San Antonio College for use during the classes there. It might or might not be what you are looking for and it would need to be printed onto NCR paper. If it would be of any use let me know.

Why would you want to break him in on crap and THEN show him the good stuff. No bette time to learn HomeGauge than at the start.

Try this, John:

Sweet checklist Mike.

The simple answer is that it an easy way to fullfil the 25 required inspections that an apprentice must complete prior to sitting for the Real Estate Inspector exam. My apprentice has to be ready to complete field inspections on his own by Jan. 2007. as my inspection load has almost doubled. This is a result of recent marketing efforts but that’s a discussion for another thread already started. Additionlly, I am considering raising my prices for the HomeGauge report and offering an on-site, same day, checklist report at my current rates.

If it fullfils TREC requirements, clients are satisifed with it and it makes money, I wouldn’t call it crap. I like the report Mike posted. It’ll work for my purposes with a little editing. I couldn’t view the AHIT example without downloading a bunch of crap onto my computer. Might be good stuff too.


Thanks. I tried to view the Texas example but no luck.

try Matrix


I’ve looked at it. All it is is the standard report form put out by TREC which is available to the general public. I received their sample. The report form wasn’t good enough for my purpose.

Thanks though.