Texas Inspectors - new electrical comments

Was curious how my Texas brethren are going to handle the comments, that will become standard on every inspection we do for the new SoP AFCI and GFCI requirements.

Personally I think it cheapens our reports to have comments about lack of AFCI protection that is not even code in new construction. It will be a comment on every report we do and will do nothing but scare clients. But, be that as it may, I have to comment on it too.

I don’t plan to change how I’ve always reported GFCI’s. If a home does not have AFCI protection then I will include the following in my report:

yep,this is just something i learned here in lexington ky. that all bedrooms and the smoke alarms must be on afci’s but the rest can be standard breakers except the bathrooms and whirlpool tubs have to be on gfci breakers…

That is how it was here. Our new SoP will have us call that out for ALL 15 and 20 amp circuits. Therefore, every home we do will have the comment, because the current codes I am seeing on new construction only require it on bedrooms and smoke as you said.

i’ll be adding: Any questions regarding these comments should be directed for clarification to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) P.O. Box 12188 Austin, TX. 78711-2188 1-800-250-8732 or 512-459-6544 www.trec.state.tx.us