Happy 420

:mrgreen: :-;;

I live in Nederland, CO where it is legal (essentially).

I’m so confused…:shock:


Don’t bogart that joint my friend…
Pass it over to me…

Pothead Focker? What a day… Hitler’s birthday… Anniversary of the Columbine shooting… a day after the Oklahoma City Bombing. No wonder why it’s now commonly regarded as the day to smoke pot.

How about having the next convention in Amsterdam?

If it’s in Amsterdam, I’ll have space cakes at my booth to ensure that all inspectors stop by and see me. :cool:

Even Paris Hilton is a Pot-Head


Happy 420 my fellow NACHI members


Congradulations !!!

Self-acknowledgement of the disorder is the first step to getting better !!!

Have a great day !!! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink: :twisted:


Drug testing please

Hand me a cup…Will ya?


One more example of the “dumbing down” of Amercia!

The “dumbing down” of America!

I went to a McDonald’s and paid $14.37 for a meal. The cash register was “broken” and the kid could not make change!

I am serious he could not figure out how much money he owed me!

It is sad to say I have seen the same thing many, many times at Home Depot, large grocery stores, and several restaurants!

From some of the questions posted on the bulletin board it is obvious that some inspectors have rather had a little too much to drink or have “smoked a few.”

I know of at least one former member whose rants and raves clearly indicate that he is impaired. But then again his drunken late-night phone calls kind of give it away.

For the record:
I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I do not “do drugs” but I guess you could tell that by this post.

The guys who cannot make change are products of the schools in most cases…not products of the drug lords.

For instance…oh never mind…

Can i volunteer?

Been there, done that. I’ve seen this happen more than once.

I like confusing these idiots at times. I ask them questions while there trying to figure out my change. I get a laugh out of it.

Yep, if you are sitting in class :|.)stoned out of your freaking mind :shock:
it is hard to do mathematical equations, or any type of problem solving.

I left out the KFC at the Methuen / Salem line.

Must be the mushrooms that cause you to use the colorful fonts. :mrgreen:

Sorry Frank, it was just too easy.

My son and I went to a well known take and bake pizza place the other day with a “dollar off” coupon. The kid actually got out a calculator to figure out the new total. We bit out tongues and once we got in the car, laughed all the way home.