Thank you Russell Hensel

Brothers helping brothers! This is what makes me proud to be associated with the Distinguished Inspector Society. This week our mobile office truck was involve in an accident. Within minutes of finding out our fellow DIS member Russell Hensel was on the phone making arrangements for me to pick up one of his trucks for us to use! We would not have been able to run our business without the help of Russell as we have 20 inspections this week. I can’t thanks Russ enough! This is why we align with like-minded people in the Distinguished Inspectors Society. Thanks again Russell and we look forward to assisting you when needed.

LMAO…Nice magnet!

Life is all about people helping people. It brings me awesome pleasure to have the means and ability to help a brother in need.

I do know that if the roles were reversed you would be there for me. Take care and have a wonderful week! DON’T CUT PEOPLE OFF WHEN DRIVING!..LMAO

Kudos Russ…

That’s what it’s all about. Awesome job Russ.

Yes, Preston is the board and a founding member. Your point being?

We have spent money and never charged a dime to anyone for anything. So, what is your point Michael?

That you wish to help someone is fine.

The commercial for some rinkly dink imaginary SOCIETY is without disclosure is self serving.

But I expect no less from you.:frowning:

Finding something wrong with people helping people. What a poor concept, wow.

You gotta love guys like this. Also if you go to sunbiz Michael you’ll find about five corporations with my name on it.

You think there’s a problem with the here?

How was discolsure not accomplished. He said he was a member and the way we do things is one of reasons he wanted to be on the ground floor, the concept is absolutely awesome and because of the kinship blossomed by our club, we have a close knit family relationship.

Man, you just cannot see the good in anything. I do really feel sorry for you.

But, it is what it is and well, good luck Michael.

Reread the original post. I think EVERYONE can see he is a member of the DIS, I don’t think anything was hidden from anyone.

Thanks Russ… that was awesome.

Kudos to you Russ, my hat goes off to you for this.


Nice job Russ

Only wish I was closer. I’d like to drive that big bus around a bit! Hehehe.
Nice going Russ!


Did Russell pay You for free mobile advertising. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am shocked Mikey would find something wrong with smart business . It must be that time of the month again

Very nice.
Not as good as my Kia but it would do…:slight_smile:


You are always willing to help and take crap for t. You are a bigger and better man for it. I am proud member of DIS, me, my company and family are better off because of it.

I know who I can always trust and who will have my back. Happy birthday my friend.

Thanks John…I appreciate it.

No, thank you