Thank you schuyler!!

Most of you may remember the Awesome Insurance Specialist who came to our last chapter meeting in Melbourne.

Schuyler just made a $100.00 donation to Nachi Nickels our inspector injury fund!

He Rocks!

I know Schuyler has helped many of the inspectors on this message board already (myself included) with insurance. However, just in case you need a quote for Insurance from someone who supports this industry with his whole heart I suggest you give him a shout! He is fantastic!

Schuyler can be reached at:

Schuyler Hellings
Account Executive
CH Insurance Brokerage Services
315-234-7500 or Direct at 315-552-5343
Toll Free at 888-400-8087

THANK YOU AGAIN Schuyler for your $100.00 donation!

Wow, very generous. Thats an agent I will most certainly recommend

Great guy thank you:-)

That’s really great of him really shows he cares. Next tme around for renewals I’ll give him a call. Not like I’m going to get any WIND MITS out of him:p!!! What coverages does he offer?