I just can't believe Florida Insurance Companies.

**Hi Mike,

The last email went out by accident- Sorry!

I reduced the size of the photos and attached the ones that came out. I can go back up into the attic and take more if necessary. When I called the insurance agency and told them I only had two nails on some of the straps and not three they told me that two was all that was required. I went back up into the attic and took the attached photos. Please let me know if you need additional photos.

Thanks again!


** I just left there a few hours ago and explained it to her and she appeared to understand. She only asked once if I could just take a photo of the strap the last 2 guys did. All I looked at were deficient. below is my response. I also found out they balked when she told them she was using me. She said that other folks did not get discounts until they used their guy as opposed to my reports. Hmmmmmmm I never received any complaints from those folks. I guess they understand they are getting discounts the DO NOT DESERVE**


As I explained at the time of you inspection that unfortunately is not the case. I really recommend you get an insurance company that has some clue. It sounds to me like they are blatantly accepting and encouraging fraud. Based on our conversation I know you are not looking to do that. Below is a clip from the form and I have highlighted what is required for you to see. Feel free to share it with them. If you feel like I have not explained it well enough please feel free to call me anytime after about 45 minutes. It may be worth you while just to let them send their guy who is apparently doing the job completely fraudulently to get the discounts. It is not your job to look at what is up there and confirm so let them send their idiot and reap the benefits  Have a great day. I will have your accurate report to you in likely under an hour.

Thank You,

Michael J. Meeker
Meeker Industries, Inc.


They’ll send out Scott Barber since you’ve only
performed a few hundred of 'em.

Maybe… I can’t bad mouth him as I do not know him but it sure seems a lot to have done and not get question 2?

Had a guy call me a day or so ago pised to heck about a mit I did over a year ago. Said he just had a guy with 20+ years in the insurance industry “whatever that means” leave and he said I looked in the wrong place for his wraps :roll:

He said the at least 1/2 of them would have counted as wraps. What I saw only had 2 nails. I explained I did not write the form and the guy was full of it and he could fill out whatever he wanted for his insurance company but I answer the questions on the form… By the end of the call he told me he was going to sue everyone and had a Senator on his side but no longer seemed mad at me :slight_smile:

This biz SUCKS:mad:


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They’ll send out Scott Barber since you’ve only
performed a few hundred of 'em.

lol… That Mark sounds like a troublemaker…Hahahaha.


The chick really had the balls to just now leave me another message stating that only some had 2 nails. WTF am I not explaining to this moron??? I guess I will have to call her tomorrow to explain it for the 3rd or 4th time. I already told her to hire the idiot that will give her the f u c k i n g credit. Not me. My principles not for sale.

So does that mean you’re going to refund her 40.oo ??

No refunds EVER


I’ll teach your dumb a s s the rest of the equation when I quit…

Michael, I’m definitely sure you’re not worried about your situation.
They simply do not understand (or most likely will not accept) it’s the weakest link that was only 2 nails.
I did one last week & the insurance agent threw me under the bus 'cause I said toe-nails - metal connectors that do not meet the requirements, blah, blah.
They’re pissed because no strap credit. They are there, but on every other truss, not all of them. BOO HOO!

In regards to my other statement, lets just say someone in the Pensacola area could make allot of $$ with insurance carriers performing allot of QA’s… uh oh! :twisted:

I was a QA inspector for the MSFH program - 9 out of 10 were incorrect.

Absolutely correct Sir.

I kind of feel sorry for her because I really thought she understood. :wink: She should just pony up the cost for the fraudulent inspector and be done with it :frowning: