Thank You to Nick Gromicko

[size=3]Last week I renewed my membership in interNACHI for another year and did not give it a second thought.

[/size]This has been my first year giving it a go full-time, as right after Christmas. I quit my full-time job. I never looked back, as it seems as soon as I went full-time I began getting calls. And we are talking between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s amazing how those things happen.

Anyway it was around this time last year, when I was struggling financially and gave Nick an E-mail asking if there is any way I could make partial payments.

The man e-mailed back telling me sure. Just pay whatever you can

I know lately there have been some comments on the message board regarding Nick having a little bit too much control but I doubt if a more formal association would have been personal enough to help a struggling home inspector, such as myself at this time last year.

I just want to say thank you Nick and let everyone know I did make that payment, though it may been a couple of months late, and this association has a loyal member as a result.

I will not even go into the amazing amount of benefits this Association has, which helps me to succeed.

NACHI is not perfect… but it is the BEST Home Inspectors Association on the planet!

You are human so… like the rest of us …you are allowed to make mistakes. From what I have seen in the past…Once you recognize that you have made a “miss step” you always correct it.

Keep up the Good Work!


Thanks Nick.

Glad to hear you are doing well, Robert!

Thanks, Nick!


I too was late with my membership dues this year. I e-mailed Nick and told him I would get it as soon as I could. I took me about 2 months but I got it in. In the mean time I was able to be turned on again as an active member. I have never been with an organization that would do that for their members.
Right now I am a little behind on my CE credits because of military deployments. InterNACHI understands but the state of confusion (I mean Wisconsin) is not being so nice. Thank God for Nick and the free CE classes that InterNACHI has so I can use my free time to get caught up.

Frank has said it best.

Way to go, Nick.