Prospecting for Future InterNACHI Members

Fellow Inspectors,

Ever thought of expanding your NACHI membership on a global scale? Think of the marketing potential of being not only Nationally certified, but Internationally certified!!! That’s right guys! We are now prospecting all existing NACHI members and non-members, to find out if they’d be interested in expanding Internationally, by becoming a full fledged member of InterNACHI. First year membership is only $50, and will give you access to all that InterNACHI has to offer, including logos and literature for you and your clients, expanded message board access, continuing education credits both in class, and on line, and much much more!! Want to find out more? Send me an email to the address below, and you’ll be blown away with what you get from your membership!!

InterNACHI…The first name in inspection excellence.

Coming to a planet near you!!

Yes Dale, that’s right…InterNACHI is now accepting members around the globe. Current NACHI members pay only $50 for the first year! New members are $350 Canadian dollars and have full access to NACHI benefits as well!

More details to be posted over the Memorial Day Holiday…


Email on its way. Fill me in. I’m very interested.

John B.

So good to hear your keyboard clicks!!!

Yes it does work, Russ! How about some InterNACHI numerogoly now? :cool:

So you’ve recovered from your Birthday Reading!!!
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Hey, back in the day, weren’t we all told that we NACHI pukes were all InterNACHI by default???

The way I see it, InterNACHI can do one of three things.

1) It can ride the coat-tails of NACHI offering the for the most part the same benefits as NACHI. Drawing on NACHI’s already existing vendor connection for discounts, using NACHI’s printing presses, etc. So with no history, then what benefit would InterNACHI provide over NACHI? Would InterNACHI have to kick back to NACHI money for the use of some of its resouces?

2) It can be run total separately from NACHI offering unique benefits which are specifically designed for international members that are not available from NACHI. So what are some of the ideas for these benifits?

My understanding is that in the early years of NACHI; Nick and his unorthodox but effecting marketing skills and driving force was the one of the two main reasons NACHI succeeded and grew. What powerful skill set does the leadership of InterNACHI have? The other main reason for NACHI’s success is active member involvement. As Nick likes to put it “NACHI is a member-driven organization”. So far I have seen no indication of that in the proposed InterNACHI. Is InterNACHI to be run from the top->down or from the Bottom->up?

Canadian members currently make up 93% of all NACHI’s international members. What unique and specific programs are being developed for them? What input or influence has InterNACHI had on shaping the National Certification in Canada?

How do (or will) InterNACHI’s financial resources compare to that of NACHI’s? Will NACHI be contributing? How much? For how long?

3) It can run as a combination of the two. Drawing on established NACHI programs as well as creating programs that are unique. If this is the case then most of the questions in 1) and 2) are still very relevant.

I do not understand this need for secrecy. Why individual requests/responses via email vs. public announcement? Are the responses individually tailored? For what purpose?

All good questions, Paul.

“NACHI is member driven”…:smiley: :smiley: LOL!!! Now that’s funny.

I remember hearing that somewhere, too…then I watched how member suggestions that ran counter toi Nick’s opinion were handled.

I am also curious about Russ’s question, as I know that somewhere on that mess of a home page it listed free InterNACHI membership for NACHI members. Another misleading “benefit”, or just a mistake? Or was membership only free while there was not really an organization to belong to?

Also, what benefit is there for landlocked US inspectors to join IinterNACHI, or is this pretty much a Canadian thing?

Hello All,
I just wanted to let you all know that this was just a question to all members who might be interested in being a member of InterNACHI. Its seems alot of you are upset over the question I’ve asked. There will be benefits over and above what NACHI offers. Believe me, I am a proud NACHI member, and would never want anything less. What the InterNACHI membership would provide would be additional to what you all already get. This was just to get the word out that we are promoting InterNACHI, and more information will follow.

So again I ask you, if you would be interested in obtaining additional benefits over and above what NACHI offers, please email me.

This is not us being secretive. Its just my way of filtering the interested parties to obtain contact information. When we have more to tell with InterNACHI member benefits, we can contact you direct.


Nothing here to be mislead about. “Back in the day” InterNACHI was developed by Nick, but nothing was put into action. He concentrated his efforts on NACHI. It is now under the leadership of Robert (Doc) Brown, and we already have other countries interested. One of which is Australia. More to come!!


Is there a reason you will not post the additional benefits that we might gain? I know that I could email you for more info but I am not the only one that is curious. One other thing I am curious about is “First year membership is only $50”. Is this some introductory rate?

I spun-off InterNACHI just as NACHI has spun-off many of its local chapters into their own separately incorporated entities. I am no longer on the Board of Directors or play any role in InterNACHI or the formal NACHI Chapters that have spun-off into their own organizations.

Like InterNACHI, many NACHI Chapters are now their own separate associations, incorporated separately, with their own Board of Directors, their own elections, their own officers, their own accountants, their own lawyers, their own bank accounts, their own by-laws, their own member benefits, and their own due structures.

Joe M., weirdly types the word “Nick” in many of his posts to insinuate I have something to do with these now outside organizations that are separate entities, but he is of course wrong.

NACHI will continue to spin-off more local chapters and operations to members as separate orgs as we are truly a member-driven association.

Nobody is upset you asked the question Dale. That is a red herring.

What the true question is, that has STILL not been answered, is WHY do we now have to PAY for membership in INTERNACHI when one of the bennies advertised and part of thereason I personally joined (saw the original logo and loved it) was because I would be getting membership in not only a national organization but an international organization.

Now, Fifty bucks isn’t much (to some), however, I’m tired of the lack of “men of their word” and the “bait and switch” tactic. If so many of us remember the promise for free “ONGOING” membership in INTERNACHI, why the heck do we now get this offer that is supposed to be such a “DISCOUNT” to us of fifty dollars.

50% off of 0 is still 0 ya know?

respectfully yours,

Maybe if you read the post you would find out that I didn’t mention you were part of this “now outside” organization.

Reading is a basic skill. So is listening. They are useful in effective communication. Of course, you are not trying to communcate effectively as you see the need to belittle points (which you clearly have not fully read) by demeaning the posters with derisive phrases like “weirdly”.

I personally find you duplicitous and disingenuous, but not see the needt o attach words to your posts, or even bring up such points when trying to debate more important issues.

I will never mention your name in any post again since it seems to bother you so.


Why not just post progress and updates to the general public? I know many have considered the unwanted mass emails spam, but inforamtive posts are always welcome.

Those who have no interest simply do not read them…

Good, because 98% of your posts that include my name have nothing to do with me. If I was involved in everything you say I am there would have to be 20 of me… now that would be weird. :smiley:

Your lack of apology for impugning me for your own failure to read the post fully (except of course for your name - how egocentric!) is accepted.

Thank you Dale for responding even if none of my questions were actually answered. :roll: What is your role/position in InterNACHI? How did you come to be in this role/position? Did your connection with A.C.I.S.S have anything to do with it?

I find it very interesting that the “President” of InterNACHI did not respond even though she referenced this thread in another thread after I made my post. I think it more likely than not that she read my post. The fact that she has not responded says a lot.

I also find this quote amusing;

No disrespect to my American friends but this doesn’t sound like someone who is in tune with the InterNACHI member. I’m sure many Canadians know when Memorial Day is. I don’t. Neither do I expect the Americans to know when Victoria Day is.

Of course not - that would be weird!:smiley:

Good questions, Paul. I am curious about the answers myself.

Also, what would be a reason for a US HI to join (if not located anywhere near a border)?

Thank you Dale for responding even if none of my questions were actually answered. :roll: What is your role/position in InterNACHI? How did you come to be in this role/position? Did your connection with A.C.I.S.S have anything to do with it?

I’m nobody special Paul. I run a chapter in the Durham Kawartha area which formerly was tabled by Bob Brown. I was formerly the vice president of the NACHI Durham Kawartha chapter, then the board voted to nominate me as the president when InterNACHI was introduced. I was part of the board of directors of the original NACHI chapter before I aligned with ACISS.

I am just an inspector that beleives in promoting organizations that better the industry as a whole. Thats why a originally posted the question. I’ve met Aimee only once, and just went ahead and put the word out. I will post all new information I get here in this thread.