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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time and energy to make this site available, to make it available to non-members as well. Probably a lot of the members do not realize that they have become instructors to one way or another by sharing pictures or comments. There is such a wealth if information here if you read it all over.

I have just finished the course here in Oklahoma at the local vo tec. Oklahoma's law changed as of 1 July 2003. Now all new inspector have to take a class before they can take the state test At the present is another class that will finish in late August and enough more people wanting to fill 7 more classes. They only take 20 in a class. As is the make up of backgrounds from your group we had the same thing in class. Some from the trades, a builder, landscaper, 5 airline mechanics, a heating and air man with 30+ plus years and the instructor has been in the trades for over 25 years.

I found you site about a month ago and have spent many hours going through everything. What a wealth of knowledge I have gotten not to mention what I have learned from taking your test. The instructor was talking about making you web page required for the next classes to use. Hope that doesn't cause problems. I have taken the test 4 times so far and plan on taking it everyday till I go for the state test. Missed by 3 on the first test and have been in the 80's on all the rest. I am dieing to find out the answers to a few of the questions I had to guess at but that come later.

As soon as I finish the state test, get tools and start making money you will the first place I will spend some profit and join.

Lee Trower

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Hi Lee, welcome to inspectors annonymus icon_lol.gif It is nice to know that our pontificating on all subjects under the sun and our inane drivel is appriciated

Good idea on the exam keep practicing, if you have read many of our recent post you may have seen a post by Tom Bacrin, he had failed NHIE twice and recons he passed the 3rd time due to having taken our on-line exam 50 times in 30 days.

anyway welcome to the fold

Good luck


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